Mark Frost - Americana Artist

Americana Country Folk Art of the 1950s and 1960s

Books Featuring Mark Frost's Art


A So-o-o Hungry Picnic

Written and Illustrated by Mark Frost.

It's Autumn and time to join a brother and sister, Bud and Nan, on their picnic in the woods. What wonderful foods did they bring? Delight in the woodland animals that find the picnic. Will the animals find something that they would like to eat?


A Tree Full of Birds

Written and Illustrated by Mark Frost.

A wonderful collection of brightly colored bird illustrations in an Americana/Primitive style. Delightful birds are accompanied by short, clever verses describing each feathered friend.


Tilly Turtle's Decision

Illustrated by Mark Frost. Written by Nancy Busse, who is an educator of special needs children, storyteller and puppeteer. Her belief is that children’s literature should not only be fun, but also teach basic human values of kindness and inclusiveness.

Join Tilly Turtle on her adventure! See her colorful travels. Meet new, friendly characters. Find out her strange choice. Wonder at what her decision will be.


Quest for the Tekton

Quest for the Tekton is the first published novel of author Dick Frost, Mark Frost's brother. Mark created the cover art and illustrations and also edited the novel.

A mysterious coded document leads Jack, a young school teacher, and Martin, a homeless savant, to England where they hope to find answers to the clues embedded in the document. A series of events unfold which leads them to Shrugborough Hall Estate, where a famous monument is located. Jack and Martin enlist the assistance of Elizabeth, the estate manager. Martin then decodes a mysterious inscription on the face of the monument, leading them to an archeological treasure.

News of the discovery reaches a well organized crime group who steal the archeological artifacts. Jack, Martin and Elizabeth follow the trail of the thieves, which takes them across Europe. The pressure is on as they learn the artifacts are to be sold on the black market.

Romance, friendship, deception and betrayal are woven into this exciting tale of discovery, loss and retribution, with a totally unexpected climax!

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In Mark Frost’s Art you will find Americana, folk art, primitive art, country style graphics of the 1950s and 1960s full of whimsey. Nostalgic 50s and 60s farms, farmhouses, barns, small towns, churches, homesteads, the countryside, and rural landscape scenes. 1950's & 1960's nostalgia featuring automobiles, cars, trucks, motorcycles, tractors. Outdoor scenes with boats, canoes, wildlife, birds, animals, dogs, cats.

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