Americana artist Mark Frost grew up in the small town of LeSueur in the
Minnesota River Valley, also home to the famous vegetable company,
Green Giant. The midwest rural influence in his illustrations stems from
this agricultural environment. The Frost family home was a large 2 story
farmhouse at the edge of town, surrounded by corn and bean fields.
Although many Americana artists past and present have focused their work
around the turn of the 20th century, Mark has found his inspiration in the
time span of his childhood, the 1950s and 1960s. Mark explains his work this
way, “People love Americana because it inspires their fondness for a simpler
time; and I believe that beyond the horse & buggy era, mid-century America
is another time period that gives folks a nostalgic feeling.” Another reason
for his time period selection is his lifelong love of the automobile and other ‘t
hings that go.’ “If I can give some folks a little joy when they recognize the
old family car, a truck their Grandfather drove or their own first car, then my
illustration is a success.” People can escape from everyday cares by spending
some time in the sweet and gentle world of Mark Frost’s Americana art. In
the tradition of many wonderful American primitive artists, his works show
simplicity of form, vivid coloration, memorable subjects and sparkling
Mark Frost is a graduate of the School of Associated Arts (later the College of
Visual Arts), St. Paul, Minnesota. His art career spans over 50 years as an
Art Director, Advertising Manager and Illustrator. Mark’s creative talents
have been applied to a wide variety of products and services, including
newspapers, sales motivation, toys & games, children’s books, consumer
products, industrial tools, recognition products and computer accessories.
© 2004 Mark Frost